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Louie Hltkrans’s Wagon Models are Part of His Legacy

Janet Hitkrans writes: "I had contacted you a number of years ago, because my husband was retiring and was interested in making a miniature stagecoach and found plans on your site. Over the next couple of years, he made a few coaches as well as a couple of chuck wagons and was working on a surrey when he became ill."

"He passed away ten years ago and I have been meaning to contact you with the pictures of his work and to thank you for making his life better."

Mrs. Hitkrans also gave us permission to share Louie's work with all of you. Louie made three stagecoaches and two chuck wagons which were given to relatives as gifts. View links to our Concord Stagecoach Plans and Chuck Wagon Plans.

The Prince Rupert newspaper had put his picture in the paper with the stagecoach model that was used in a window display for a local bookstore. "He loved anything western and making the vehicles gave him great pleasure." Janet writes.

Chuck Wagon built by Louie Hltkrans.