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Rare 1912 John Deere Iron Clad Wagon Restored by Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

Restoring an Historic John Deere Ironclad Wagon

Our team started the restoration process with the original running gear, then rewooded the wagon box utilizing original hardware. Some of the unique features of this John Deere Iron Clad Wagon include the folding grain gate, seat with grab handles and tie rods on the box sides. Original John Deere brakes, stay chains and jockey box along with John Deere doubletree and neckyoke ensure that this wagon is fully equipped as it would have come from the factory.

After applying a glossy paint finish in the traditional green box with red running gear, original decal and logo designs were hand painted on the wagon to recreate the beauty and branding that these wagons represented to the John Deere company. Extensive research of this era of the John Deere company revealed that this wagon was built during a period when the John Deere and Moline companies were merging. One of the eight historic decals painted on this wagon and pictured below was specifically representative of this transitional period of the companies history.

View more pictures of the restored John Deere Wagon. For more information on the history of the John Deere company and wagons visit Wheels That Won the West.