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Small Cannons are a Big Hit

Pictured above is a Canadian customer's cannon with restored cannon carriage, built using our 30" Scale Cannon Wheels.

"This is a picture of my canon and the wheels you sold me last year. As you can see they are the perfect size and the canon is back in business . . . Thanks again, you did a great job on those wheels!!!" Ernie


Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop offers a variety of cannon wheels as well as cannon plans to help you complete your cannon project. For more information on Cannon Wheels click here.

"This a half-scale 6-pounder (I built) with your wheels. I bought them around 3 years ago. They make the cannon!!! Every piece of wood on this piece is hickory. I made the trunk out of two 10 quarter by 12 rough sawn (pieces of) Hickory. The barrel came out of Arkansas, I think. It's a real crowd pleaser. I started with the barrel and then started searching for wheels. The realm of choices is endless. . . The most expensive component of this cannon are your wheels and it was money well spent."

Kenneth L. Hailey

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop customer, Dave Scott, completed the 1/2 scale cannon pictured above using our Scale Cannon Wheels and Lynch Pin Axle. Nice job, Dave!

Dave put a lot of research into making sure he had the right components to build this authentic design cannon. Dave used our 30" Scale Cannon Wheels with heavy 4-band hubs and 14 spokes–the standard for most original cannon wheels. He also chose to use our sturdy axles with lynch pin–an original aspect of axles traditionally used on Civil War Era cannons.

"I just wanted to let you know that my experience with Hansen Wheel & Wagon (Shop) was terrific. Leah was exceptional in her customer service, quick and friendly responses to all my questions and a great job getting out of stock parts to me before I needed them.

Everything was 1st rate; the customer service, the quality of the products, the price and the delivery!

I've enclosed a couple of photos that I'm very happy to share after the restoration of our cannon, the artillery wheels are perfect and the axle angle is spot on!!"

Dave Scott