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The buckboard is a distinctively American wagon, born on the homesteads of the mountainous regions of the East, then moved West with the pioneers to become a useful vehicle for work and pleasure.The buckboard has no metal springs, its suspension comes from the springy "buckboards" that make up the floor and body. Much of the character of this ruggedly constructed "wagon" is that it is versatile and functional.

Ranch Hand Single-Seat Buckboard- This rugged buckboard has a 30" x 84" body, constructed of solid hickory spring boards with wood dash. This horse-drawn wagon is authentic in design to original buckboards and built around low-maintenance roller bearing axles. The lazy back oak seat has hand forged iron arm rests and is attached with two elliptical springs for a more comfortable ride.

Cow Boss Two-Seat Buckboard-The cattleman's "King Cab" of the frontier, this "buckboard wagon" is built upon the same standards as the Ranch Hand Buckboard, but with an additional seat and a longer heavier bed as well as heavier wheels and axles. Your choice of natural or stained color finish.


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