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Raved Frame Hitchwagon

Hitch Wagons, sometimes called show wagons, were widely used for light trucking. Companies took great pride in the hitch wagons bearing their business name and in the magnificent team of horses that pulled them. Show wagons were pulled in parades and exhibitions to advertise companies and their products. Today, an astounding number of companies, breeders and draft-horse owners continue this tradition. The Rave Frame Hitch Wagon typified the style of wagon widely used for the delivery of many types of goods in cities, but has become widely considered a "Beer Wagon". 

Hitch Wagons are one of the most carefully designed and practical, yet beautiful wagons ever built. The spring system, fifth-wheel assembly and "cut under" front wheels facilitate tight turns and give this wagon a fexibility ideally suited to the driving conditions of the horse-drawn era.

Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop cuts no corners in the crafting of our quality hitch wagons, but prefer to take the extra time and effort to hand-forge tapers that blend well and cut chamfers that flow. Our wagons are built to last, using traditional joinery on the frame and authentic construction details to replicate wagons of the past. We pay careful attention to the details, from the reproduction hardware to the hand-painted pinstriping and lettering. The running gear is guaranteed to work smoothly and the wheels are crafted from hardwood stock to give you all the quality and reliability you expect from a top-of-the-line hitch wagon.

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