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The Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagon—A Cut Above

Through the years, we've built and restored many chuck wagons. For a select group of chuck wagons we have reserved the title of "Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagon". What sets these chuck wagons apart from the rest? Well, here are some of the distinguishing characteristics.

The Foundation Wagon. Historically a chuck wagon was exactly what it is today. Owners of a farm wagon or box wagon would repurpose it as a camp base for trail drives, round ups or other outings. Our Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagons are repurposed box wagons as well, but not just any wagon. The foundation wagon for these chuck wagons are considered "collectible", meaning that they are "famous-maker" wagons with enough of the original historic parts and paint to convey a higher level of value. We then take the "foundation" wagon and restore it using special techniques to enhance the existing paint and preserve the original components.

The Chuck Box. Throughout the history of the chuck wagon there have been numerous chuck box designs. Functionality and quality craftsmanship such as dove-tail construction are the key to a good chuck box, but aesthetics must play a part as well. After years of research, we've developed a basic chuck box design with fold-down door that allows for customization--an additional drawer here, a knife rack there. In this manner, not all of our chuck boxes are just alike, rather designed to suit the needs of the future owner. Want to expand on a great chuck box? Add a dishpan rack on top in your choice of original wood slat or hand-forged iron designs or a pan boot and pantry for additional storage.

Canvas Wagon Cover. Our heavy canvas wagon covers are designed after the traditional standards of those used during the cattle drive era. Quality "no color" canvas with leather reinforced rope openings makes them historically correct--plus, there are no metal grommets to "tear out".

Wagon Accessories. From hand-crafted wagon boxes, such as the tool box, jockey box and belly box, to coopered oak water barrels, the wagon accessories on our Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagons adhere to the standard of craftsmenship and historic authenticity that enhance the "collectibilty" of the entire piece. We also have period-correct antiques, such as coffee grinders, coffee pots and lanterns for outfitting your chuck wagon.

If you want to discuss with us the options available for owning your own Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagon, give Doug or Jerome a call at 605-996-8754.

View our photos of Doug as he shows a client his Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagon for the first time. 


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