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Wheel Repair



Let us restore your wheels to “good-as-new” quality using your old tire and hub!
Wheelwright Tim Hoffman with rebuilt heavy wheel for cannon
Our wheelwright, Tim Hoffman, displays a rebuilt heavy wheel he restored for a cannon.


Wheel Repair and Maintenance Services:


Display of rebuilt cannon wheels along fence
Completely rebuilt cannon wheels.

We will be happy to quote your wheel restoration project.
Please provide the following information:

  • Photo of wheel to help us identify the patent type
  • Overall wheel height
  • Spoke thickness at hub
  • Tire width
  • Specify whether you want hard rubber or steel tire

Restored logging wheels/big wheels

Logging Wheels or Big Wheels restored for the University of Arizona.

The large wheels were placed so they straddled the log, just ahead of the log’s center. The pole was pointed upward, bringing the bolster behind the axle down to where it was chained to the log. Then when the pole was pulled down, the front end of the under-slung log was lifted off the ground and could be skidded out of the forest. Makes a very impressive display. 10 foot tall, 6” wide fellows. Call for quote

"Our experience in dealing with your company has shown that: you initially submitted a very competitive bid & during the entire restoration period, you stayed with the agreed upon price; you provided our personnel with the necessary & accurate information to safely ship the wheels to your location; you established & maintained a reasonable time frame to complete the restoration of the wheels; and as an end result, you produced a quality product."
-D.M. Renwick-Capt. US Navy Command Officer


Not all wheel repairs require a complete rebuild of your wheels. If the wheel has a damaged area and is structurally sound then perhaps it is a candidate for partial repairs.


We replace the felloes on your wheels with new two-piece steam bent felloes made of first-quality hardwood (authentic sawn felloes are also available).  Add extra strength to your wheels with riveted felloes, available on all styles of wheels. 


Spokes are crafted of solid hickory to match original spokes.  nce built, we fit the spokes tightly into the customer’s hub. Prices installed. Dimensions are the spoke width at the hub. 


The iron tire is prone to wear much like the tires on your car. Cupping and wear on the iron tire can render it useless. We can roll a new steel tire, matching the original.  

Steam bent felloes over bent

Steam bent felloes over bent to create a uniform ½ felloe


Wooden wagon hubs with new spokes inserted
New spokes inserted into wooden wagon hubs



In the early 1900's, with the paving of rural roads and bricking of city streets, there came a demand for rubber buggy tires. Hard rubber tiring extends the life of your wheel and adds to the comfort and quietness of your vehicle. Anything over 21/2" rubber requires volcanizing.

*Prices for volcanized rubber upon request.

Hard rubber tiring installed on wooden wheel
Rubber Installed Flat or Round | Channel & Rubber Installed Flat or Round


We offer two methods to keep your wheels tight, hot setting and cold setting. Our wheelwright will evaluate your situation and make recommendations on which method to use. The hydraulic tire setter enables us to set the tire while it remains on the wheel. This is great for tightening antique wheels that may not be able to withstand the rigors of hot setting. It also is the method of choice for expedited service if you need your wheels turned around in a hurry.
Hot tire and hub band setting method applied to large wooden wheel
Hot Setting Method   

Cold tire and hub band setting method applied to large wheel

Cold Setting Method

Wheel Maintenance

Tire setting is a maintenance that needs to be performed regularly to prevent damage to your wheel. Setting a tire is simply a process of tightening the steel band around the wheel. It is the tension in the steel tire band that binds the joinery of the wheel together. Tire setting is likely to be needed on any old wheel that has seen many seasons of humidity changes or on any new wheel that has a lot of miles on it. It's the steel tire's continuous peening action against the road that actually stretches the steel tire.


With a hammer, strike the outside face of the tire directly against the wheel. If you hear a ringing tone, your tire is tight. If you hear a thud and dust exits from around the tire, your tire is loose and needs to be set.


Tight Wheel Guarantee

To insure that your wheels stay tight, we dry the wood wheel parts to suit the relative humidity of your area. This is another reason why our wheels come with a complete guarantee of your satisfaction.

“Hansen Wheel Shop does an excellent job. I could not be more pleased. The run-out both ways does not exceed 1/8" on a 60" stagecoach wheel.” - Russ Tyndall, S & R Stageworks

Car & Truck Wheel Repair

We do offer full service repair of your wooden spoke car and truck wheels.
This type of wheel comes in a variety of styles and patented construction systems, hard rubber, vulcanized rubber, pneumatic rubber, steel fellows, wood felloes, clamp on tires, bolt on tires, pressed on tires, etc.

We will be happy to provide you a quote for your wheel repair.
Please provide the following information:

  • Several photos of your car and truck wooden spoke wheel to help us identify the patent type
  • Overall wheel height
  • Spoke thickness at hub
  • Tire width
  • Email information to info@hansenwheel.com

Stack of wooden wheels with rubber tiring     Repairs applied to large wheel inside workshop

Wooden wheel spokes     Large wooden wheel spoke

Refinishing of wooden wheel spoke