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Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven-Deep

Stock No: CWC004

Deep Dish Design for Chuck Wagon Cooking
This "deep dish" dutch oven is the pot that does it all. Ideal for stewing, baking, roasting and frying. Lid with edge lip to hold coals or charcoal.

Most cowboy cooks relied upon the versatile dutch oven, better known in ranch country as the "skillet and lid." This classic cast iron oven featured three or four stubby legs and a tight fitting, slightly domed lid with an outer ridge designed to support coals. When turned over the lid doubles as a grill.

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5 Quart Deep Camp Dutch Oven-4.125" Deep; 6" Height with Legs; 10.5" Wide. 8 Quart Deep Camp Dutch Oven-5" Deep; 8.75" Height with Legs; 12.13" Wide. 10 Quart Deep Camp Dutch Oven-5" Deep; 9" Height with Legs; 14" Wide.