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Hinged-Lid Oak Water Barrel-30 Gallon

Stock No: BAH130

Also available in 15 Gallon Size

Deluxe Oak Barrels have a hinged lid and are fitted with six metal hoops and lined with paraffin. Kegs work well for water storage and as coolers and the hinged lids make them easy to clean. Paraffin wax seals the interior of our Hinged Lid Water Barrels, so water will not absorb oak flavor. Our oak water kegs are highest quality and made in the USA by a family owned company with over 100 years of experience in the cooperage industry. (Barrel Handles available.) Image #3 shows barrel stained and mounted on chuck wagon. Use our Barrel Saddles when mounting barrels on your wagon. For dispensing water or beverages, don't forget to order our Hardwood Spigot. (Hole for spigot not drilled). Shipped unfinished. Barrel should be stored in a cool place, away from dry heat.

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    30 Gallon-Height = 30"; Outside Head Diameter = 18"; Bilge Diameter = 23"; Bilge Circumference = 70"