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Roller Rub Irons-Pair

Stock No: BWP000

An important accessory for safe driving.
Rub irons are designed to keep wheels from making contact with the buggy or wagon box. Roller rub irons are a necessary safety accessory if your wagon or buggy has rubber tires. They can also be used with steel tires in place of rigid rub irons. The roller allows for less stress on the wagon components. We offer roller rub irons in three different designs for different applications. Buggy Roller Rub Irons are an original pattern and are concealed under the buggy body. Angled Roller Rub Irons while being a slightly heavier and more efficient design, protrude from the body and work well on buggies and spring wagons.

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BUGGY ROLLER RUB IRON: 2 7/8" wide x 5 3/8" length. 3 3/4" roller length. ANGLED ROLLER RUB IRON: 5 1/4" overall wide x 4 3/4" overall length. 3 1/8" roller length. WAGON ROLLER RUB IRON: 7" overall wide x 8" overall length. 5 1/2" roller length.