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Wagon Wheel Wrench or Hammer-Hand Forged

Stock No: AXA008

Doubles as a wheel wrench and a pin for doubletree.

Beautifully constructed wagon wrench with rivets is used to loosen the axle nuts for wagon wheel removal. Please email us with width of your wheel nut from flat to flat and we will fit the wrench to that size. Traditionally known as a wagon hammer, the name of this tool was derived from the lynch pin era of wagon wheels when it was used to drive the pin out of the axle. Sold each. NOTE: Axles are bi-directionally threaded, the right side nut has right-hand threads and the left has left-hand threads. Use care when removing old nuts to prevent damage to the axle and skeins.

SPECIFICATIONS: 11" Length; Head 3 1/8" x 3", Opening fits 2 1/4" wagon axle nut without adjustment.

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