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Drop Heel Buggy Shafts for Horses

Stock No: HSDH00

REDUCED PRICING on hickory horse shafts for buggies and sleighs.

Our first-quality drop heel buggy shafts are steam bent from straight grain hickory. These single-bend buggy shafts are available as Wood Only or Shaft Components which include all parts both wood and hardware (choose product options). When assembled, the shaft coupler eyes are approximately 42”-43” wide.  Buggy shafts come with hold back strap loops. Choose from Draft, Horse or Pony shaft sizes. Singletree sold separately. We also sell Hold Back Straps for Shafts, a necessary accessory on shafts. Complete Assembled Drop Heel Buggy Shafts available.

SPECIFICATIONS: Length from the cross member to end of shaft tips: Pony 62";  Horse 76”; Draft 88”. Width at end of shaft tips: 26”; width at eyes: 43”.

View Shaft Assembly Information.

REGULAR PRICE: $135.20-$385.20

Availability: In stock


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