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Chuckwagon Conversion

Stock No: WCWB01

Let us add all the basic components to convert a standard box wagon into a collectible Chuckwagon.

If you love the idea of owning a one-of-a-kind chuckwagon from Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop, here's a great way to fulfill that dream. Start with an historic wagon of your choice. We have several from which to choose. We'll build and install the basic components to transform the wagon into a fully functioning chuckwagon. Our basic package starts with steam-bent hardwood wagon bows installed using wagon clips. We then build you a custom chuck box with door that folds down into a large work surface and add a wood platform to the side of the wagon to hold a 15-gallon oak hinged-lid water barrel, as well as a handy jockey box to the front of the wagon. A heavy-duty Sunforger Canvas Wagon Cover and Hand-Forged Tarp Hooks completes the transformation. Chuck wagons are an ideal collector's piece as you can continue to add components and accessories to customize it just the way you want. We have many other Chuck Wagon Parts and Accessories that you can add to your chuck wagon now or in the future. Call us at 605-996-8754 if you want to visit about owning your very own chuck wagon. We can also customize a fully-loaded premier Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagon suitable for the wagon collector.


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