Antique Chuck Wagon Alarm Clock

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Wake the Chuck Wagon cook up in the morning.

Our antique Westclox Big Ben Peg Leg Alarm Clocks are in working condition. As with all antiques, these alarm clocks have "character" and are not in pristine condition. However, you will find our antique items in good display condition and have all the parts and components intact. These clocks date from the start of the 1900's.


  • 5 1/4" Diameter.
  • Stands 6 1/8" tall with peg legs.
  • 3" deep with wind up keys on back.

Q & A

Question: My clock is not running. How do I get it started?

Answer: It is important to not "overwind" your antique alarm clock. Try holding your clock and gently tipping it from side to side a few times. Set it down for a short time to allow it to start.

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