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Blog Archives - 03/2019


Historic Milk Wagon Built by Customer

Using a running gear that he purchased from HWWS, our customer along with help from a team of friends built this beautiful milk wagon. He plans to display it at local events, which is fitting considering his hometown of Battle Creek, MI, is the Cereal Capital of the World!

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Gather Around the Chuck Wagon—Enjoying Special Occasions

Through the last 40 plus years of business, all of us here at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop have some great memories of hours spent around the Chuck Wagon cook fires. No matter when and where you want to have a get together, a chuck wagon provides the location and equipment for creating a warm, inviting space to enjoy good food, the company of others and a chance to relax and enjoy the moment. We've put together some photos and memories of special occasions where we used a chuck wagon and/or canvas fly to create an ideal gathering location.

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