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Blog Archives - 04/2014


Rare 1912 John Deere Iron Clad Wagon Restored by Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

Our team at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop restored this beautiful historic 1912 era John Deere Iron Clad Wagon using documentation and antique components from several John Deere Wagons that we had here at our shop. Along with supportive research by David Sneed of Wheels That Won the West, we were able to piece together information to ensure this vehicle would replicate a John Deere wagon of this time period.

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Customer Builds Peddler Wagon Using Wagon Parts from Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

What does it take to complete the challenging project of building a historic merchant's wagon? For Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop customer, Chauncey Christiansen, it entalled getting accurate historic information and authentic wagon and buggy parts combined with his talent for woodcrafting.https://www.hansenwheel.com/store/wagon-parts-supplies/axles-brakes/axles-accessories.html

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