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Blog Archives - 09/2013


Identifying Wagon Types. . .

Posted by David Sneed, Wheels That Won The West® Archives

It has a curved body, lynch pins on the axles, twisted chains, forged metal work, side-mounted tool box, raked end gates, more than 8 bows and is known for freighting product along the eastern U.S. – Sounds like a Conestoga, right?  Not necessarily.

Historic Nissen Tobacco Wagon in stock at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

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Horseless Carriage Club of America Tours Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop was honored to provide a tour on Sept 4th to the Horseless Carriage Club of America, who arrived in approximately 30 antique horseless carriages.  The club included vehicles from throughout US, some from as far as California to Pennsylvania. Vehicles must have been built in 1915 or earlier to qualify for inclusion in the club.


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