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American Chuck Wagons by David Sneed

While the beginnings of the chuck wagon are typically credited to Charlie Goodnight, there are sometimes variations within other parts of the history-telling of this vehicle.  It’s another reminder of the importance of relying on the strength of primary sources to help paint the most accurate pictures.  While we know of no photographs that have survived showing Goodnight’s wagon, there have been plenty of descriptions over the years.  One interesting note from the 1930 book, “Cattle,” (see Feb. 19, 2014 blog post) asserts that Mr. Goodnight’s first chuck wagon was pulled by ten yoke of oxen.  It’s a description that lends added credibility to the purported use of a heavier army wagon as the first chuck wagon.  Clearly this information was procured while Goodnight was still alive as the book was published within months of his death.  These and other period accounts help give us a better glimpse of the origins and all-but-lost details of American chuck wagons. Excerpt from Wheels That Won the West blog by David Sneed.

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The Melding of Transportation–Moving from the Past into the Future

This is a very unique photo along with a brief synopsis from the Oregon State Archives showing the melding of the transportation of the past to the ways of the future. The time frame of this photo was likely in the 30's or 40's.

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Interview with Doug Hansen posted on Wheels That Won The West blog spot.

Recently, David Sneed did an interview with Doug Hansen about Western Vehicles in South Dakota and posted it on his popular blog spot Wheels That Won The West.

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Identifying Wagon Types. . .

Posted by David Sneed, Wheels That Won The West® Archives

It has a curved body, lynch pins on the axles, twisted chains, forged metal work, side-mounted tool box, raked end gates, more than 8 bows and is known for freighting product along the eastern U.S. – Sounds like a Conestoga, right?  Not necessarily.

Historic Nissen Tobacco Wagon in stock at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

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What is Axle Gauging?

Axle Gauging is an important part of vehicle maintenance and restoration, no different than getting an alignment on your car.

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Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop Chuck Wagon Featured in German Film “Gold”

Last year Hansen Wheel & Wagon shop was contacted by a film company in Germany to provide a chuck wagon for use in the production of their movie "Gold".

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