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Conestoga Style Wagon Built for the Wisconsin Historical Society

This wagon is designed with many of the traditional designs and construction methods used on historic Conestoga Wagons. These wagons were originally used to transport freight, however, we have added some modifications to the basic design to make it ideal for transporting passengers and giving tours. These modifications include wider wagon box, passenger bench seats, rear entry with steps, suspension springs for comfort and a fifth wheel gear for ease of maneuverability.

The Wisconsin Historical Society plans to use this touring wagon to give rides to visitors at the Wade House (an historic stagecoach stop) and the Wesley W. Jung Carriage Museum. The Fifth Wheel Covered Wagon will be used to transport visitors over an historic plank road and to various locations on the site while giving them a nostalgic experience of travel during the horse-drawn era.

Also view a video highlighting the features of this fifth wheel wagon designed by Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop.