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Customer Builds Peddler Wagon Using Wagon Parts from Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

The process for building a horse-drawn wagon begins with historic research. Chauncey purchased this informative book, Working Drawings of Horse-Drawn Vehicles, before starting his project. This 117-page book contains detailed illustrations and dimensional information along with construction details on dozens of horse-drawn wagons and carriages from the elegant five-glass landau to the light-weight buckboard wagon.

The next step is to "lay-in" parts and components. If you are considering starting a horse-drawn wagon project, feel free to contact us for quotes on wagon or buggy components and parts. Some of the wagon parts that Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop had available for Chauncey's building project were express wagon springs, axles and accessories, shafts and accessories, buggy wheels and buggy top hardware and material for upholstering the top.

From the picture Chauncey shared with us, it is obvious that he took great pride in crafting this historic peddler's wagon and is sure to have years of enjoyment using it to drive his team.