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Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop Highlighted on “Today’s Wild West”

Whether it’s a cattle drive, a wagon train, a wilderness adventure, or really learning to ride a horse, there’s all kinds of cool stuff happening out West that many people have never even heard of. But Today’s Wild West is about much more than living out your fantasy. There are so many fascinating aspects to the American West – the land, the culture, its art and history.

Along with its history, is the unique culture of the American West. Today’s Wild West will introduce you to Native American artists and artisans keeping their ancient traditions alive and thriving. You’ll meet saddle makers, see the fine art crafted from braids of rawhide, watch how fire helps craft a custom cowboy hat, and visit the shop where craftsmen build authentic stage coaches, just like they did back in the day.

There’s no end to the fascinating stories, people and places of the American West. And there’s no better tour guide than Mark Bedor, the creator and host of Today’s Wild West. For more than fifteen years, Mark has had hundreds of articles, illustrated with his photography, published in dozens of magazines.

Mark’s also spent a career in Television News, working around the country as an anchor, reporter, writer and producer, most recently as a news writer at KCBS TV in Los Angeles.

His passion for the West, his years traveling and writing about its many aspects, plus his background in television gives Mark Bedor a unique and perfect skill set to tell this story. And there’s nothing like it on television!

Perhaps best of all, Today’s Wild West is not a concept. It’s a reality. Mark has spent the last year shooting, writing and editing a show that’s finally on the air!

The series is being distributed to every PBS station in the country in May! It’s airing now on Wyoming PBS - and - coming soon to PBS stations in TX, AZ, CA, OK, MN, MI, SD and more ! Enjoy the FREE show and tell your friends! Happy Trails!