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Interview with Doug Hansen posted on Wheels That Won The West blog spot.

Western Vehicles in South Dakota

When it comes to the restoration, conservation, and re-creation of early western horse-drawn vehicles, Doug Hansen and his team of craftsmen in Letcher, South Dakota are among those often mentioned.  I’ve had the privilege of visiting Doug’s place several times and am always impressed with the diversity of carriages, wagons and coaches on site and the quality he turns out.  If you enjoy the heritage of the early American West, Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop gets you up close and personal with some of the most legendary surviving wheels from that era.
In keeping with a series of interviews we’ve been doing for our Wheels That Won The West® Archives, we asked Doug to share some thoughts on his company and the horse-drawn wagons and stagecoaches they work with.

Excerpt above is from the interview posted on Wheels That Won The West® Archives, click here to read the remainder of the interview.