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Military Honors Platoon brings ‘new’ wagon to Fort Sam Museum

Photos by Staff Sgt. Corey Baltos Army North PAO

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas – John Deeley (left), the stable master for the U.S. Army Military Honors Platoon, Caisson Section, and Staff Sgt. Lisle Childers, a section leader with the Caisson Section, guide Wooldridge and Dunaway April 5 as the horses pull a replica of an 1870s Four-Mule Army Escort Wagon near the historic Quadrangle. The wagon will go on display at the Fort Sam Houston Museum when it moves to the Quadrangle early 2014; it can also be used by U.S. Army North (Fifth Army) during parades and other public events. The escort wagon was approved by the Secretary of War in 1878 as the replacement for the Civil War six-mule wagon. This type of wagon, which could carry 3,000 pounds, was a common site at the Quadrangle in the late 19th Century as the post was originally built as a supply depot. The “leaden blue” and “venetian red” coloring of the wagon is consistent with the original coloring of military wagons, which were painted similar to the Conestoga wagon used during the Revolutionary War. The wagons were used by the Army until 1939.