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Red Deadwood & Cheyenne western style stagecoach Red eastern style Wells Fargo & Co. stagecoach Restored Mudwagon Red Coyote Henderson Mudwagon stagecoach Yellowstone National Park Transportation Touring Coach Dakota Cowboy Chuckwagon Dakota cowboy showcase Ranch chuck wagon 2 Fifth wheel covered wagon 1 Prairie Schooner Farm wagon 1 Freight wagon 3 Buckboard 3 Rave Frame Hitchwagon Hitch wagon 8 Express wagon 15 Express wagon 3 Mountain wagon Springwagon Cabin sheep wagon 1 Sheeepwagon guest Army ambulance Army escort wagon Revolutionary war cannon 1 King howitzer 1 Double s hitch wagon after Denmark wagon Verbrugan cannons

Custom Built Horse-Drawn Vehicles

At Hansen Wheel & Wagon we custom build replicas of any authentic horse drawn vehicle, whether from a photo, concept or a true replica where we document an existing vehicle in a collection and replicate it in our shop. We work closely with our customer and provide historical and design information to best meet their needs during the design phase. All vehicles are custom manufactured under contract and commissioned by the client. If you have a specific vehicle in mind please feel free to contact us for a quote.