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“Guest House” Sheep Wagon

(Wainscoting End Walls and Copper Roof)
We’ve combined all of the premium construction options into the Guest House Sheep Wagon design. Built on an original restored wooden wheel wagon gear with 42" wide bolsters, this sheep wagon provides all the functionality of the original sheep wagon design, but with the best of aesthetics. Head out on the trail in the ultimate “RV” of the old west or pull it to the ideal location to set up base camp for guests or weekend outings.
Sheep wagon box is constructed with yellow poplar sides and hard wood floors. End walls are covered on both sides with wainscoting and insulated. Six oak bows with cross slats comprise the frame for the traditional canvas covering with batting insulation. Then, we add the finishing touch of a durable copper roof. 
Exterior body is painted or stained then given an aged patina for an authentic antique appearance. Bows and interior walls and woodwork have a durable varnish finish.
We incorporate all of the traditional options into our sheep wagon design including two side storage boxes with 1 exterior and two interior access doors, hinged rear window and authentic style dutch door with hinged window and forged latch. The rear boot with access door is drop hinged with forged latch.
Sheep wagon interior has oak faced bed frame with four built in drawers and slide out table with leg. Additional options are available to customize our Guest House Sheep Wagon for your intended use.

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