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Celebrating 40 Years of Dedication to Detail

I am often asked “How did you get started in this business?” My simple answer – “It’s a hobby that got out of control.” But the truth is, as I set about learning how to restore a family buggy all those years ago, I unknowingly ignited a spark of passion that continues to burn today. I found myself inspired by the beauty of the vehicle, intrigued by the complexity of design and function, and mystified by the lore of a lost art. In 1978, I set out on a quest to explore and discover the intricacies of the horse-drawn vehicle trade of a by-gone era. Taught by the masters of old, as I meticulously examined their work, I began to understand and capture the style and artistry of their historic craft.
Just as in the carriage and wagon trade of centuries ago, we are proud to have assembled a skilled team of tradesmen; blacksmith, coach maker, wheelwright, wainwright, painter, and trimmer.  Together we work to produce an authentic vehicle of superior quality craftsmanship; and one that mirrors the attention to detail of the old-world artisans. We’re dedicated to preserving the time-honored techniques and artistry of the original masters, while continually striving to improve our skills and further our knowledge and understanding of all that the horse-drawn world entails.
Through this endeavor, we are fortunate to have developed a client base of others who appreciate the vehicles of this era. We value the relationships we have developed with customers in many related fields--breeders, western enthusiasts, collectors, museums, theaters, and teamsters. It is with them that we share our passion; and it is to them that we owe our success. The last 40 years have been an exciting and interesting adventure. Thank you to our valued customers for joining us on this ride.

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