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Gilman Heavy Mudwagon

This stagecoach came to us from the Gilman Wagon Museum in solid structural condition which allowed us the option of preserving rather than recreating most of the body and undercarriage of this massive piece of transportation history. While removing the multiple layers of paint and grime from the stagecoach, we found evidence of this vehicle being utilized for many different purposes over its century and a half of service. Sharing our findings with the staff at the Gilman Wagon Museum, we mapped out a course of restoration that would reflect the stagecoach as it could have appeared while in use during the late 1880's. This stagecoach showed all the evidence of being a purely western stagecoach design-more than likely built in the California area making this a truly historically significant piece for the Gilman Wagon Museum. To highlight that regional history, our team here at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop created a aged golden yellow finish reflective of the original color of the stagecoach after years of service and added period accurate lettering and striping detail to highlight the Banning, California area.


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