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Lewis Downing Antique Stagecoach #44

This historic coach came to us in solid but dilapidated condition. Having been used as a prop in a tourist attraction and then residing in a private museum in Colorado prior to arriving at our shop, it had seen better days.
The body and running gear were both nearly entirely void of the original paint. The original upholstery was also missing, except for a small remnant on the rear seat that had been over-covered. The structure required some inlaying to replace missing decayed wood, but for the most part this original coach was entirely intact.
Due to the fact that the original paint and upholstery were not extant, this coach was not a candidate for conservation. But the structure was original, therefore we chose to maintain as many of the original construction components as possible, and preserve all original and historic attributes, making it a worthy candidate for our historic restoration services.  We replaced any missing components; the replacement parts were researched to exact specifications compiled from the study of existing original Abbot-Downing coaches.  The final objective on the coach was to give it a rich historic appearance, while maintaining it’s historical integrity. 
Several coaches were used as examples to define the work objective, such as Wells Fargo’s Coach #670, located in the Wells Fargo Bank’s Fort Worth Museum; and the De Young Coach located in the Wells Fargo Bank lobby in San Francisco California. We also used for reference - photos, dimensions and documentation of both of these coaches, as well as research materials provided by Mr. Ken Wheeling, a well-known stagecoach historian specializing in the subject of Abbot & Downing stagecoaches.

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