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Historic Yellowstone Coach Preservation for Wyoming State Museum

This amazing artifact of our National Park System's history is one of the most complete, original Yellowstone Touring Coaches that we have come across. This historic piece had much of the original paint still intact, although it was buried under eight layers of paint in varying shades of yellow. Preservation of the coach entailed painstakingly removing these layers of paint without damaging the original paint and hand lettering. What we found underneath was surprise to us all. On one side of the coach, the original lettering "Yellowstone National Park Transportation" as well as the coach number "99" was very legible. The most impressive find, however, was the original "Abbot-Downing Company" maker's stencil, which is a first in our experience. On the side of the coach where the lettering was more deteriorated, we opted to replicate the hand lettering and tone it to blend with the original finish. Although this is not the most pristine antique coach on display, this original Yellowstone Touring Coach ranks as one of our favorites, due to the amount of original information that we were able to uncover and preserve for future generations to see the "real deal."

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