Horse-Drawn Funeral Vehicles-19th Century Funeral Hearses

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Detailed information on hearses, undertaker's wagons, pallbearers' coaches and florist wagons.
This comprehensive book on hearses and funeral vehicles includes information on the manufacturers, chronology of hearse design and trimming such as lamps, curtains and tassels, curved glass and plated hardware. Special sections elaborate on Military and Presidential Funerals as well as other 19th Century Funerals.
Content of this book is extracted from numerous historic sources which were skillfully chosen and edited to bring the information together in one easy-to-follow source book. Carefully illustrated with historic photos and black and white illustrations which include working drafts and fashions plates of the leading styles of funeral vehicles. Soft-bound book. 414 pages.


  • 8 1/2" x 11"
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