Like New 1880's Style Team Harness

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This authentic design antique leather harness is ideal for use with wagons and chuck wagons.
Beautifully handcrafted brown antique leather harness includes two sets for team hitch of crossbred size horses. Includes wood hames, traditional brass hardware, cockeye tug ends and buckle short tugs. 21" Collars included. This harness design is dated "1880" making it ideal for the purist and for use on historic presentation and reenactments, it would also be appropriate for the chuck wagon cook-off competitions representing the 1880’s. The buckle tug design was popular prior to the development of the modern plow/farm harness of the 1900’s. Note the absence of a combination snap and heel chains both added later for farm applications. The advantage of this type of harness goes beyond the historic values, the omission of heel chains make it quieter with no banging and clanging of the hitch equipment. The omission of the combination snap makes it a much safer harness. (Anyone who has ever experienced a horse snapping his bit into this snap will know the safety concerns of this). Recommended for chuck wagon harnesses.
****Photos are representative - this harness was returned new in box & may show a few small markings***


Question: How do I measure for the harness?

Answer: TO MEASURE FOR HARNESS: 1. HEAD- measure the length from the corner of the mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of the mouth. 2. NOSE- measure length around nose. About two fingers width below the prominent cheek bone. 3. GIRTH-Total length around the girth. 4. BACK- Length of back, from the position of harness back pad to the base of the tail. 5. LENGTH- Length of the horse, from point of shoulder to rear of horse.


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