Replica Western Concord Stagecoach

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Replica Western Concord Stagecoach
This is a full-size custom-built Western Concord Stagecoach (circa 2005); a replica based on an Abbot-Downing coach. The red body is of kiln dried clear poplar framing. This coach is outfitted on the interior with leather upholstery and brocade side panels and headliner. The exterior of the coach exhibits traditional style leather front- and rear-boots and curtains. The yellow gear is of wood construction and in traditional colors and striping. Equipped with roller-bearings and with traditional wood hub (oak) wheels built with hickory spokes and ash, sawn felloes on steel tires. Manual brakes are present (as shown in the photos). It is built with an historically accurate leather thorough brace system with adjustable turn-buckles. The entire coach is finished in high-quality polyurethane paint and 23K gold-leaf scrollwork on the exterior. It is outfitted with manual brakes, candle burning lamps, and hitch equipment for a team


  • Wheels: 44" & 60" diameter with 1/2" x 2" steel tire wheels
  • Overall: 84" Wide; 103" Tall; 154" Long
  • Interior: 53” Wide (at door); 58" Tall; 75” Long
  • 48" Doubletree with 32" Singletrees
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