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Standard Oak Barrel

Stock No: BAS001

Durable barrels made from white oak staves and heads.

Constructed using top-quality kiln-dried American Oak, our barrels are reinforced with galvanized metal hoops and made to last! These barrels are made from solid oak staves and have two oak ends or "heads" with a bilge bore and bung on the side. Water barrels are paraffin lined to keep the water from having a strong flavor from oak wood. These oak barrels will add the perfect touch to your chuck wagon camp, or western display. Made from American White Oak by skilled craftsmen at a cooperage here in the USA. Available in 5, 10 and 15 gallon sizes. Special orders for 30 gallon size are based on availability. Call 605-996-8754 for details.

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    5 Gallon-Height = 17 1/2"; Outside Head Diameter = 10 1/2"; Bilge Diameter = 12 1/2"; Bilge Circumference = 39"
      10 Gallon-Height = 21"; Outside Head Diameter = 12 3/4"; Bilge Diameter = 15"; Bilge Circumference = 48"
        15 Gallon-Height = 23"; Outside Head Diameter = 14"; Bilge Diameter = 17"; Bilge Circumference = 56"
          30 Gallon-Height = 30"; Outside Head Diameter = 18"; Bilge Diameter = 23"; Bilge Circumference = 70"

Question: What size drill bit would I use to drill the hole in my barrel for the spigot?

Answer: Start with a 1" drill bit and then bore the hole larger, if you would like for the spigot to set further in to the barrel.