Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop has been in the business of constructing and restoring authentic horse drawn vehicles since 1978. Our experience with vehicles and their manufacturing techniques and sales has equipped us with an extensive working knowledge of wagons, coaches, buggies, and sleighs. Many companies and individuals have sought our services for constructing, repairing, designing and more recently – appraising their authentic vehicles. It is from our experience in following the market place throughout the industry, that we draw upon to provide people with current values for insurance, charitable donations, market and/or replacement values.
If you are in need of an appraisal, the following things are required and can be sent to us via email.

  • Application for the appraisal (Insurance/Replacement Value, Retail Value, Fair Market Value)
  • At least twelve photos with quarter views and detail views.
  • A short description disclosing any damage or deterioration of the vehicle.
  • A short description highlighting the authentic and noteworthy aspects of the vehicle.
  • Any history or provenience that are relevant to the value of the vehicle.
  • Measurements (Overall, Wheel Specs, Dimensions on any Special or Notable Features).

The cost of a single vehicle appraisal is $295.

View Appraisal Submission Form.