Car & Truck Wheel Restoration

We offer restoration services on any car and truck wheels with wooden spokes. Due to the variety of wheel styles and the uniqueness of the components, we do require the original hubs and rims for use in the restoration process. Customers can choose to send these components to us already cleaned, sandblasted and ready for reassembly, or we can complete all the necessary disassembly and preparation work for rebuilding. The original spoke and felloe (if applicable) styles are replicated in the process, including unique spokes styles that are specialized to accept brake drums. In addition, we can also offer new, vulcanized rubber tiring (as shown on the wheel pictured above), along with staining or priming and painting of the restored wheel. Please send some photos of your wheels so we can determine the style and condition, along with the following dimensions:

  • Diameter to wood (inside/under the rim/tire)
  • Spoke width and thickness at hub
  • Felloe (wood rim) width and depth rim/tire width