Historical Presentations

Founder Doug Hansen giving a historic wheelwright presentation

Doug Hansen – Master Craftsmen & Historian founded Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop in 1978. Doug offers historic presentations, engagements, and various lecture series, ranging from the craft of the wheelwright to the historical significance of the authentic vehicles.

A master craftsman is one who has practiced every aspect of his art for many years, following the work from the original craftsman of the era.

Doug has presented to various historical gatherings and workshops throughout the country.

Doug is considered an expert in the field and has acquired a great understanding of the practical working of a variety of horse drawn vehicles. While Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop specializes in the western style vehicles, authentic horse-drawn vehicle construction requires an in depth knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of construction of all types of vehicles of that era.

To book a speaking engagement or historical presentation, contact us at 605-996-8754.