Our Story

our-story2.jpgMotivated by a love of history and a desire to preserve our heritage, Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop has grown to be the premier builder of authentic, horse-drawn vehicles. For forty-five years, our experienced staff of dedicated craftsmen have fashioned a line of superior quality wagons, wheels, and equipment to suit a wide range of individual budgets and interests. We back our products with a commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Our location on the plains of the Dakotas is just one of the many reasons we closely identify with the pioneering spirit and traditions of the West. We live our work, love what we do and take great pride in providing you with the most historically accurate horse-drawn vehicles anywhere this side of the 1800’s.

We are committed to exceeding expectations, while delivering results that mirror the handcrafted quality of old world artisans. Authentic quality craftsmanship never goes out of style. We are dedicated to that tradition of excellence and understand the enduring value of personal attention to detail.

We encourage you to look closely at our work, as well as the feedback from our extensive family of customers and clients. Better yet, call and visit with us at 605-996-8754. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you better, and would be honored to help bring your own western legacy to life.