RestorationHistoric Restoration

In the past, historic horse-drawn vehicles were stripped of their original paint, decoration and trimming during the restoration process. Now it is recognized that much of the value of an original vehicle is in its historic and original condition. We work to maintain that historic integrity–not through replacing it with new, but rather by preserving what remains and then meticulously and painstakingly stabilizing the vehicle to present its original glory.

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop carefully documents all original aspects of the original vehicle and draws from extensive research into the history on each specific style and type of vehicle to insure accuracy during the restoration process. Any reconstruction required is done using the same materials and methods of construction as originally used. It is the original painted and decorated surface that defines the vehicles historic integrity.  We use special treatments to preserve the original finish and components.

With 35 years of experience studying, building and preserving all types of horse drawn vehicles, we consider the skilled craftsmen and artisans of that era our mentors. Through neglect and over-restoration, many of our artifacts have been lost. The original colors, striping patterns, and trimming all define the art of each maker and the era from which they came. We strive to protect the work of these masters. The loss of their contributions would be a tragedy. Conservation can save these rare examples of our past and preserve an important part of our heritage.

Historic restoration of Wells Fargo stagecoach and gallery

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