Jul 7th 2021

Antique Wheels Make Fabulous Chandeliers

Posted by CUSTOMER PROJECT on Jul 7th 2021

Wagon wheels have become an icon of the American West. So, when your decor calls for rustic styling as well as a grand statement, what could be better than an antique wheel converted to a chandelier! 

Many of our customers purchase our wheels-both new and used--to create stunning light fixtures for their homes and businesses, as well as special events, such as weddings. It is easy to create a lighted focal piece using wagon wheels, whether you make it electrified or with candles. 

Below are pictures showing the process that one of our customers went through to create a stunning entry light fixture for their log home. This one-of-a-kind chandelier was built using one of our 50" antique wagon wheels. View our Antique Wheels here.