Mar 3rd 2023

"Extra Fancy" Raised Panel Hitch Wagon

Posted by SHOP PROJECT on Mar 3rd 2023

Wow! What a show-stopping Hitch Wagon this turned out to be!

Hansen-built Hitch Wagons are the most original and stunning wagons in the show ring today. They have caught the attention of judges and audiences alike so we were excited when Wishe Bush entrusted us to help him design and build his new Hitch Wagon from the ground up! 

Every detail is considered, from the hand-forged stainless hardware to the graceful flowing lines. We develop and brainstorm endless ideas that we can develop to help our customers bring out the best their horses have to offer. 

HWWS features our mortise and tenon traditional construction and design which gives our customers superior durability, residual value, and also a leading edge that sets them apart from the crowd. 

This Hitch Wagon is no different in its gracefully arched bed based on the elliptic curve pattern which presents a subtle but defining proud style. 

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The hand-painted detail on this wagon spares no luster, style, or balance that gives it the award-winning presence it deserves. Other added features include side belly boxes under the wagon with self-retracting glides, custom stainless steel endgate latches, pyramid mating on the footboard and toe board, drop steps, and custom polishing of all stainless steel components. These can all be tailored to showcase your individual style while reflecting your dedication to quality. 

The heavy-duty spring system, precision roller fifth wheel assembly, and cut-under front wheels give our wagons the flexibility that enables the teamster to easily  maneuver and facilitate tight turns. Which presents both horses and wagons to their best advantage. 

We provided many updates on social media as we progressed through the building of this Hitch Wagon so be sure to check out #archedbedwagon so you don't miss those as well. 

In the photo below the Hitch Wagon is rolled out of one shop and makes its way to the upholstery/paint shop to get the final painted details applied. 

Here are some shots of the hand-painted pinstriping and lettering that was completed by Wayne Troyer. He did an amazing job like always and it is just remarkable to watch him work!

There is no better way to show off your style than with the grace and prestige's character that our custom-designed Hitch Wagons have to offer. 

We would like to thank Wishe Bush and Red Oak Farms for choosing Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop to build his custom Hitch Wagon. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to seeing it in use! 

So what do you think? What is your favorite feature on this Hitch Wagon? 

If you are looking for some excellent resource material on Hitch Wagons we do offer a book called; Hitch Wagons for City Driving & More.

This is a comprehensive book of technical information published for wagons, with the information being compiled from the original professional trade journals of the 19th and early 20th century. It contains over 500 drawings with precise dimensions to 1/16 of an inch. The wagon builders in the 19th century were highly skilled engineers, mechanics, and draftsmen. 

The book encompasses seven main chapters which we have provided a brief overview of each below:

Chapter 1: CITY WAGONS - a variety of heavy platform wagons such as wholesaler's butchers truck, three-ton coal truck, baggage transfer truck, four and feed wagons, etc. 

Chapter 2: STAKE TRUCKS - a variety of heavy platform trucks that do not have closed sides such as gooseneck truck, carriage delivery truck, flour and feed trucks, kindling wood truck, and brick truck. 

Chapter 3: FURNITURE WAGONS - has wagons with closed sides and open sides, vans, and a group of piano mover wagons.

Chapter 4: BEVERAGE WAGONS - has been the most requested type of wagon and includes wine delivery, bottled water, heavy brewery wagons, and a large group of milk wagons from the wholesale milk delivery truck to the retail milk wagon. 

Chapter 5: PARTS FOR WAGONS - provides more specific details for making tops, gears, brakes, seats, springs, single and double trees. Dynamometer tests with wagons by Prof. J.W. Sanborn, and tests of vehicle and implement woods by H.B. Holroyd & H.S. Betts are featured for additional data. 

Chapter 6: WORKING DRAWINGS - This chapter is extensive with engineering drawings or blueprints. Provides different views of the wagon drawn to scale with a wide variety wagons represented: mineral water wagons, distilled water wagons, bottling wagons, stake trucks, dumping wagons, wholesale delivery trucks, lumber wagon, grain carrying wagons, brewer's delivery wagons, furniture wagons, ice cream delivery truck, sugar barrel truck, gooseneck trucks, ending with 18 drawings for milk wagons. 

Chapter 7: TURNOUTS -  This has some outstanding vintage photographs of some of the wagons hitched with the horses at work and winners of the Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia workhorse parades. 

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