May 24th 2022

Horse Radio Network- 2016

Posted by NEWS AND PRESS on May 24th 2022

Doug Hansen of Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop was asked to be featured on a radio interview for  HORSES IN THE MORNING on the Horse Radio Network back in 2016.

The October 6th Draft Horse Journal episode by Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.featured Mark Barie of the North American Belgian Championship, Doug Hansen of Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop, and Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop customers Kirk & Raedene Messenger, who are owners of the 2016 Classic Series Finals Champion Six. Plus, the "Indiana Horse Woman" Cathy Zahm. 

Tune in for a recording of the show here: HORSES IN THE MORNING

The section of the episode featuring Doug Hansen is at minutes 25:40 - 46:53

Doug discusses how he got started in the business, the preservation and restoration process, why this type of business still exists in today's world and more!