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Mar 1st 2024

Revisiting Fond Memories: A Journey to Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

Posted by News & Press on Mar 1st 2024

Just about nine years ago today, we had a visit from some of our customers looking to get some bows and wheels for a current project of theirs. After gathering the items they needed they embarked on a tour of the shop, immersing themselves in the world of our craftsmen. 

As they entered the shop's premises, they were greeted by the sights and sounds of artisans at work, meticulously crafting wagons and stagecoaches that echoed the spirit of the Old West. Among the projects that captured their attention were a remarkable 3/4 scale Concord Stagecoach and a custom hitch wagon for Express Clydesdales.

Inspired by their experience, they felt compelled to share their adventure with the world. They created a blog post, capturing the essence of Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop and the passion that infused every corner of our shop. Now, nearly a decade later, we find ourselves revisiting their blog post, reminiscing about the shared moments and the connections forged through a love for history and craftsmanship. 

As we reflect on the past and look towards the future, we extend our gratitude to those visitors who stopped by our shop all those years ago. Their enthusiasm and appreciation continue to inspire us as we carry on the tradition of wagon-making, one wheel at a time. 

(These were not finished at the time of their visit but thought it would be fun to share how they turned out after they were)

You can read all about their experience and see more photos on their blog HERE