Concord Stagecoach Harness

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Era Appropiate Design

We have put extensive research into developing Our Concord Stagecoach Harness to make sure it is the best recreation of the harnesses that were used in the stagecoach era.

Made of top quality leather by a harness maker with years of experience, our historic leather harness is designed for beauty, style and durability.

The traces of the Concord Harness have a single ply butt making the trace soft and supple near the hock. The buckle end is double-end stitched 1 1/2" wide at the butt end.

Note: The width of the trace narrows progressively from wheel to swing to lead. Folded breeching has box-loops on the up tugs. Beautiful detailing such as historically accurate stamped pattern on box loops. The soft folded back pad has a single back strap and round leather guide.

Note: Back pads have three orientation spots instead of just one for identifying "near" and "off" horse. Split-face bridle has square blinds. The trace toggle connection provides a secure connection to the singletree ring eye ensuring the toggle wil not come loose, even in the most demanding situations.

If you're looking for some great reference material when it comes to working with horses the Work Horse Handbook has tons of great information!


  • Top quality leather construction
  • Collars sold separately


Question: How do I measure for the harness?


1. HEAD- measure the length from the corner of the mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of the mouth.

2. NOSE- measure length around nose. About two fingers width below the prominent cheek bone.

3. GIRTH-Total length around the girth.

4. BACK- Length of back, from the position of harness back pad to the base of the tail.

5. LENGTH- Length of the horse, from point of shoulder to rear of horse.


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