Field Ordnance on No. 1 Field Carriage-Cannon Plans

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Artillery for the Land Service of US 1849-1865- Fourth Edition

Volume No. 12 contains drawings for the No. 1 Field Carriage, including: 2.9 inch Parrott Rifle, 6 Pounder Gun-Model 1841, 3 inch Ordnance Rifle- Model 1861, 12 Pounder Field Howitzer- Model 1841, 3 inch Parrott Rifle, 6 Pounder Gun, Rifled-Model 1841, 6 Pounder Gun Carriage, 2.9 & 3 inch Rifled Gun Carriage with dimensions, tables, paint sources, and photographs. Specifications are for a 78.84" long axle and 57" diameter wheel. 

Also see our No. 62 booklet on Field Artillery Caisson and No. 21 Booklet on Field Artillery Limber. Our No. 20 booklet is for the slightly heavier No. 2 Field Carriage

View our handy Scale Cannon Size Chart.


  • 11" x 17" booklet; 123 pages
  • Soft Cover with plastic sleeve binding
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