Gypsy Caravan Plans

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Open Lot Gypsy Caravan Wagon Plans
This style of caravan was designed as a simple vehicle especially suited to summer use and could be built by the traveller himself, as they were built onto an existing trader's dray. Notes are also included for a lumber material list, undercarriage & wheel construction, body construction, and general notes


  • These are 1/8th scale drawings ideal for building a model or full-size Gypsy Caravan Wagon. Made up of 7 pages total. Pages 1-6 are combined 2 pages to a sheet (22 1/2" x 33" overall sheet size) with page 7 on its own sheet (size 22 1/2" x 16 3/4")
  • Please Note: Dimensions are not included you will need a scale ruler to calculate the dimensions.
  • This is not a step by step plan! It's concept drawings only.
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