Historic Horse Harness-Antique Brown

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An authentic fancy driving harness.
Made of genuine harness leather in a beautiful antique brown this hames-style harness has buckle trace and cockeye ends. Comes with bridle, lines and backers. Collar sold separately. Call for more information 605-996-8754.


  • Genuine leather
  • Includes bridle, lines and backers. Collar sold separately.



Question: How do I measure for the harness?

Answer: TO MEASURE FOR HARNESS: 1. HEAD- measure the length from the corner of the mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of the mouth. 2. NOSE- measure length around nose. About two fingers width below the prominent cheek bone. 3. GIRTH-Total length around the girth. 4. BACK- Length of back, from the position of harness back pad to the base of the tail. 5. LENGTH- Length of the horse, from point of shoulder to rear of horse.


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