Horse Collar & Hames Mirror

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Upgrade any room with our Horse Collar & Hames Mirror. It has a timeless appeal that takes you back to the Old West.

Each mirror is full of vintage style and is individually handcrafted from authentic antique leather collars and wooden hames. These mirrors are decorated with brass balls and various harness fittings which are still in good condition.

The addition of brass hardware on the leather hame straps further highlights the mirror's rustic beauty.

Because all the collars we use are antiques, each mirror is slightly different. But don't worry, we always do our best to make sure they look as similar as possible.

For convenient installation, we offer a 9" solid brass harness hook, perfectly compatible for suspending the mirror from the leather straps on the hame's apex.


  • Largest dimensions -19" wide x 32" tall (Approximate collar size is about 22-24".)


Question: How do you recommend hanging this on the wall?

Answer: We carry a 9" solid brass harness hook that works well when hanging this collar from the leather straps on the top of the hames 


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