Howitzer Cannon Wheels-Custom Order

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$1,333.25 - $1,370.75
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Authentic cannon wheel in two sizes for Mountain and Prairie Howitzers.

We build our cannon wheels with solid hickory 2” spokes and bent-wood felloes to insure value, aesthetics, and safe operation. This heavily dished wheel has 1/2” x 2” steel tire. Choose wheels for either the Mountain Howitzer that first appeared in 1836 when the need for a lighter, more portable piece for use in the West became evident, or for the Prairie Howitzer – adapted in the 1850’s- with the wider axle for greater stability. Setting boxings into the completed wheel is included in the price. Use with our Cannon Spindle and Boxings

Due to the construction process for custom wheels, allow 6 to 8 months for delivery.


  • Mountain Howitzer Wheel: 38" Diameter with 2" wide spoke and metal tire.
  • Prairie Howitzer Wheel: 42" Diameter with 2" wide spoke and metal tire.
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