Roller Bearing Buggy & Buckboard Wheels

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$315.00 - $525.00
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Are you looking for the perfect set of wheels to complete your "new construction" project? Check out our selection of low-maintenance wheels with roller-bearing hubs! 

They're perfect for buggies, surreys, and buckboards, and you can order Roller-Bearing Axles to fit.

You may also retro-fit your antique buggy to receive roller-bearing wheels by welding our Roller-Bearing Stub Axles to your existing Old-Style Axle.

We offer wheels in diameter from 24" up to 46" with steel or rubber tires. Just let us know the spoke width at the hub, custom orders are available for larger diameters, just contact us for a quote. 

Place your order today and get the perfect set of wheels for your project!

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