Shaft Tips-Pair

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Available in polished brass and unpolished steel. Sold per pair.
Pony Shaft Tips - Machined Brass (tumble polished)
Horse Shaft Tips-Stamped polished brass or polished stainless steel 
Draft Shaft Tips- Machined unpolished brass or unpolished steel


  • Pony Shaft Tips-3/4" ID x 1 1/2" Overall Length
  • Horse Shaft Tips-7/8" ID x 1 3/4" Overall Length
  • Draft Shaft Tips-1 1/8" ID x 2 1/4" Overall Length


Question: How do I attach these? Do they come with nails or screws?

Answer: We do not provide any nails or screws to attach these we suggest you use a small nail or trunk tack.


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